A view of the houses from Grund Bridge, with the reflections glistening in the river.

Grund – Luxembourg’s Hidden Gem: 2023 Ultimate Guide


Luxembourg is one of the most picturesque cities that I have ever visited. Around every corner, there is a beautiful sight to see and a perfect photo awaits.

Nestled within the beautiful city is gorgeous Grund – a captivating little neighbourhood with so much charm.

Grund holds a special place in many locals’ hearts and in mine. It is truly one of the most perfect regions I have ever walked through and I’d go back time and time again.

This blog post will give you all the details on Grund and why it should be at the top of your list of idyllic places to visit! Read on to learn about the history of Grund, all of the must-know geographical details and the top attractions in the area.


Grund is located in the southern quarter of Luxembourg City which is the capital of the small country of Luxembourg.

Luxembourg City itself is located in the south of the country, close to the border with France.

The neighbourhood is perched on the banks of the well-known Alzette River. This river winds its way through the very heart of the city and the authentic stone bridges over it always make for great photo locations.


Grund has a tiny population due to its size. As of the 2019 census, there are 957 inhabitants in the small region. Of these, only 42% were of Luxembourgish origin.

In the entire country of Luxembourg, there are just 640,064 residents. A large percentage of the population are expats. The country has a high immigration rate due to the vastly increasing financial sector.

The country’s prospects are highly appealing to many in terms of jobs and services. The likes of free public transport across the country are just one incentive that might encourage migrants to take up careers in the country.

Luxembourg ranks as the second-richest in the world behind Ireland in 2023 with a GDP-PPP per capita of $142,490. The country’s tax regime is highly attractive to the wealthy and is one of the main reasons for high in-migration among higher class groups.

There is a huge struggle for housing however, prices have been rapidly rising for many years and getting any sort of accommodation close to the city proves very tricky on a budget.

Luxembourg’s mix of citizens is reflected in the range of languages spoken. While Luxembourgish is the official language of the country, German and French are very widely spoken. In fact, as far as I could tell while visiting the city, Luxembourgish just sounded like a mixture of the 2.

Meaning of Grund

The meaning of the name Grund is very practical and it’s very easy to understand why it has been named it!

‘Grund’ comes from the Luxembourgish word ‘grond’ which means ‘ground’ or ‘bottom’, making perfect sense due to the neighbourhood’s location at the bottom of Luxembourg City, in the valley.

Best Luxembourg City Walking Tour

Luxembourg City is very walkable and the government has taken a lot of consideration into making the city pedestrian-friendly. For example, you’ll find many public elevators around the city to take you from the bottom of the valleys to the top.

Exploring a city for yourself on foot can be great to get your bearings but I highly recommend getting a guided tour of any city that you are visiting. The guides are often locals and are true experts on the regions they are showing.

This tour is a great opportunity to see all of Luxembourg’s top sights and also get some great background information on the city.

As I’ve mentioned, Grund is a very idyllic neighbourhood and so tour companies always make the best efforts to ensure visitors get to explore it.

This Luxembourg City Walking and Wine Tasting Tour is a fabulous deal and tours the majority of the city. Grund is one of the highlighted stops and past travellers have posted some fabulous photos on the Grund Bridge and left high reviews of the tour.

Why not incorporate some learning, walking and wine into touring the wonderful Luxembourg City?

The Best Things to Do in Grund

1. Alzette River Promenade

Having a stroll along the Alzette River while visiting Grund is an activity that is inevitable. The huge winding river is the focal point of the neighbourhood and the existence of man-made structures living side by side with the natural is lovely to see.

The river has been sustainably managed and the beauty of it has not been lost over the years as the city develops.

2. Bock Casemates

The unmissable Bock Casemates are the highlight of the river banks. The Bock Casemates is an extensive network of underground tunnels and chambers that once served as a fortress.

The tunnels have been carved into the solid rock for centuries and are very interesting to walk through – particularly for those who love history.

Me, walking away from the camera, in the Bock Casemates museum. The stone fortifications look spectacular,

The Bock Casemates has been transformed into a great tourist attraction with metal walkways installed above crypts and uneven ground. Infographics around the walls give lots of in-depth detail about the history of their use.

It’s easy to imagine how these strong walls would have acted as a fierce defence hundreds of years ago.

3. Neumünster Abbey

Neumünster Abbey is a beautiful building to visit while in Grund. Dating back to the 17th century, you can still see some authentic features of the abbey but the building has very much been converted into a cultural centre for events.

The space is used for artwork exhibitions and celebrations. When I visited the glass ceiling was adorned with colourful lanterns and garlands.

Balloons attached to the ceiling of the courtyard at Neumunster Abbey.

There is a lovely little coffee shop on site that I’d recommend visiting and make sure to have a look around the courtyards as there are some great photo spots.

4. Grund Bridge

The Grund Bridge across the Alzette River is absolutely stunning and deserves to be admired. Tourists often stop along the bridge to get a photo of the lovely authentic houses nestled behind on the hill.

A view of the houses from Grund Bridge, with the reflections glistening in the river.

The bridge has a really charming atmosphere and would be so beautiful to visit at sunset. I love how the houses along the river reflect into the water and great a beautiful picture.

5. Luxembourg’s National Museum of Natural History

Luxembourg city’s main museum is housed in Grund and its exhibits are fantastic.

The museum is home to thousands of plant and animal species and great factual information boards. The best thing about it is that the admission is relatively cheap.

Under-21s go free, and students under 26 years old. Adults and concessions are just €5 and €3 respectively.

6. Pont du Stierchen

Make sure to cross the Pont du Stierchen while exploring Grund. This bridge crosses the Alzette River and offers a great vantage point to photograph the grander Pont de chemin de fer.

Pont de chemin de fer view from the Bock Casemates
A view of Pont de chemin de fer from a distance, from the top of the Bock Casemates.

Many photographers love Pont du Stierchen as it frames photos of the city from the river banks very well.

The bridge is very accessible to start your exploration of the Bock Casemates or at the end of your tour.

Why You Should Visit Grund

Grund is full of charm and romance and deserves to be enjoyed by travellers. The region is so calm and peaceful, whether you visit by day or night. As well as being the perfect location to relax and take in panoramic views, the neighbourhood is a setting of great historical significance.

Even if you’re only spending 1 or 2 days in Luxembourg, Grund is a very accessible area from the city centre.

During medieval times, Grund’s fortifications stood as a grand defence for the city of Luxembourg. Its well-preserved architecture and significant landmarks make it a living testament to the city’s heritage.

Strolling through Grund, and particularly the Bock Casemates is like stepping back in time and experiencing the cruel memories of a bitter war.

However, Grund is not stuck in the past, it is a thriving centre for culture and arts and is loved by locals and tourists alike for its exhibitions and performances. Grund’s cultural experiences serve a diverse range of visitors and the vibrant neighbourhood is welcoming and celebratory of many different values.

Grund should also not be missed out on by those who love to try new foods. The neighbourhood is home to many different eateries and restaurants, suitable for all taste buds. I’d recommend Grund as the location to try out some authentic Luxembourgish cuisines as it promises to be delicious and locally sourced.

And if all of that hasn’t convinced you to explore Grund yet then maybe the panoramic views will! No photographer could ever do Grund justice. The region is just so beautiful and deserves to be seen by the human eye.

Whether you’re down, level with the river banks or upon the ancient walls of the Bock Casemates, there are views to be admired at every level.

Final Thoughts on Grund

If you ever find yourself in Luxembourg, particularly in Luxembourg City or perhaps on the border of France or Germany – make the trip to Grund!

The neighbourhood is just lovely and is jam-packed with panoramic views and sights to discover. The quiet, quaint little village is a photographer’s dream but can be enjoyed by anyone that’s looking to take in some relaxing, calm views.

Grund is historic, cultural and most importantly…beautiful!

I’d highly recommend a visit to Luxembourg’s hidden gem if you ever find yourself close by!

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