Best Chocolate Tours in Brussels (2023)


Then look no further! This blog post will take you through the best chocolate tours in all of Brussels and recommend my top 3 choices.

Everyone knows that Belgium is infamously loved for its delicious chocolate and a trip to the city would never be complete without trying some of the highest-quality ranges.

Brussels is bursting at the seams with chocolate shops, even those that aren’t huge choco-fanatics will be tempted by the artisan shop fronts.

While in Brussels I was astounded by the designs behind the glass of some of the shops, particularly around the Grand-Place. The chocolatiers can make huge models of pretty much anything, completely from chocolate.

A beautiful display of chocolate creations in a shop window.

And the hard work doesn’t go unnoticed, hundreds of tourists stop each day to just photograph the masterpieces, or step in and smell the mouthwatering scent of Belgian chocolate.

In one shop a customer joked to the owner ‘How much is that 3-foot statue of Manneken-Pis in the window?’. The owner replied: ‘1000 euros and it’s yours’.

While I certainly would never dare to splash such a huge amount of money on something that looked too good to eat, I love that the workers in Brussels know their worth and that their craft hasn’t been cheapened by the huge range of competition.

Why is Belgian chocolate so famous?

To put it simply, Belgian chocolate is so famous because it is just so delicious!

Belgium has had access to cocoa beans for a lot longer than many other European countries and the majority of the rest of the world due to its wealth and therefore had more time to hone the art of chocolate making.

Belgian chocolate is made of superior-quality beans – only the best will do! They are ground a lot finer than in many other countries, creating a more intense chocolatey flavour.

Chocolate was first brought to Belgium in the 1600s and over the following two centuries became extremely popular with the middle and upper classes, who particularly enjoyed hot chocolate drinks.

When King Leopold II began his mission of harvesting beans from Congo in the late 1800s, Belgium’s fascination with chocolate really took off.

Meanwhile, other countries began to manufacture their chocolate with lower-quality beans and add sugar to account for the gap. This resulted in a less refined taste and made Belgian chocolate stand out from the competition.

It is now the ‘chocolate capital of the world’ with more chocolate factories than any other country. With 72,000 tonnes of chocolate produced every year, it’s safe to say that Belgium really knows its stuff when it comes to chocolate.

Why do a chocolate tour in Brussels?

Booking a chocolate tour or workshop in Brussels is a fabulous way to spend a few spare hours and would even fit great into a one-day itinerary.

As Belgium is so famous for its chocolate, it would be a real shame to miss out on such a great experience. There are many different types available, some including walking with a guide, others just consist of a full session in a dedicated chocolate workshop.

The history of chocolate is complex and very interesting, I’d highly recommend exploring it with a guided tour.

Whatever you decide on, a chocolate tour in Brussels is sure to be a great way to spend a few hours.

My Top 3 Picks: Best Chocolate Tours in Brussels


Brussels Chocolate Walking Tour and Workshop
✔️ Sample truffles, pralines and more in exclusive chocolate boutiques
✔️ Hands-on chocolate workshop with a chocolate connoisseur
🚫 Not suitable for families with small children


2.5 hour Belgian Chocolate Workshop in Brussels
✔️ Hands-on workshop experience, creating a box of take-home chocolates
✔️ Learn recipes that can be used in your own kitchen
🚫 No spectators – everyone must pay and participate


Chocolate Workshop and Self-Guided Museum Visit at Choco-Story in Brussels
✔️ Free audio-guide tour of the museum
✔️ Chocolate making and tasting workshop
🚫 Activity length is quite short

Brussels Chocolate Walking Tour and Workshop

This experience has some great reviews and has been loved by many travellers from all over the world! Consisting of both a historical walking tour and a chocolate workshop, this chocolate tour option has it all!

Picture of delicious Belgian chocolates that visitors on this tour can try!

After meeting your tour guide in the Grand Place you’ll explore the guildhalls of the square and discuss the history of one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

You’ll get a talk on both Brussels’ culture and cuisine on this tour – perfect for if you don’t have the time for a walking tour and a chocolate tasting!

Following your guide you’ll stroll through the central square, visit and adore the shop fronts all around you, visit Jeanneken Pis, step inside the oldest chocolate shop in Belgium and taste devourable Belgian pralines.

You’ll also see the most valuable cultural landmark of Brussels, the Sainte-Catherine Catholic Church. Built over 500 years ago, this church combines many different architectural styles and is a marvel to look at.

With only a maximum of 15 travellers on your tour, you can expect an intimate experience with a great opportunity to ask questions.

* This tour is not suitable for families with children under 6 years old. Please take this into consideration before booking as you will be turned away and may not be refunded. *

Following your guided walk, you will then be given the fabulous opportunity of taking part in a one-hour chocolate workshop. You will be shown how to create your own unresistable Belgian pralines to take home with you – the perfect souvenir for chocolate lovers.

Also on the tour, you will be offered exclusive tastings of Belgian chocolate from the best chocolatiers around Brussels.

2.5 hour Belgian Chocolate Workshop in Brussels

Looking for a really hands-on experience and would love to make your very own box to take home? Then this tour option is perfect for you!

A photo of someone making a delicious chocolate creation on their tour.

This workshop will teach you how to make your very own scrumptious chocolates, including the most typical styles found around Brussels – pralines and mendiants.

Under the guidance of a professional instructor, you’ll whip up a storm in the kitchen – leaving with recipes that will allow you to recreate your designs at home.

You’ll leave this tour with the perfect souvenir – a box of more than 30 chocolates to take home with you to enjoy with family and friends (or alone!)

This 2.5-hour session is a delicious option to fill some extra time in Brussels, with the opportunity to try your handcrafted creation with a cup of Belgian hot chocolate. This tour sounds like chocolate heaven!

This activity starts and ends in the chocolate workshop located a 15-minute walk from the Grand Place. The company also offers waffle workshops – another experience to consider!

With the activity starting and ending in the workshop, it does mean you miss out on being guided around the city like my #1 tour choice but I still think that this sounds like so much fun and I’d definitely give it a go!

One downside of this activity is that there are no spectators allowed. This means that if you wanted to just allow your children to take part under your supervision without participating yourself then you will unfortunately be turned away.

Why miss out on all the fun anyway? Get the whole family involved in this delicious 2.5 hour Belgian Chocolate Workshop in Brussels.

Chocolate Workshop and Self-Guided Museum Visit at Choco-Story in Brussels

This chocolate workshop activity is a great option for anyone fascinated by the history of chocolate and how it came to be a globally loved product that millions consume every day.

With a hands-on workshop and informative museum visit rolled into one experience, this chocolate tour is great value for money.

Choco-Story in Brussels is one of the city’s top attractions and is visited by thousands of travellers every year. The museum is dedicated to the story of chocolate and its creation through the ages.

The experience consists of a 1-hour workshop making your own chocolates under the care of an experienced chocolatier, followed by a self-guided tour of the Choco-Story Brussels Museum with a complimentary audio guide.

The audio guide is available in 8 different languages so everyone can feel included on this tour! The museum is also wheelchair accessible.

*Again, this tour is exclusive to individuals 6 years or older. While it is a great family activity, please ensure you stick to this rule as you may be turned away without a refund. *

The chocolate tasting and demonstrations have high praise in the reviews of Chocolate Workshop and Self-Guided Museum Visit at Choco-Story in Brussels. The guests particularly enjoyed the opportunity to make their own chocolate lollipops.

Conclusion: Best Chocolate Tour in Brussels

A trip to Brussels wouldn’t be complete without indulging in some delicious Belgian chocolate. The best way to get exclusive tastings and learn the history of the scrumptious dessert is by doing a chocolate tour!

The best one in Brussels is Brussels Chocolate Walking Tour and Workshop with an overall rating of 4.8/5 stars with over 600 reviews!

I’d highly recommend that you do a chocolate tour in the chocolate capital of the world, as it really is the best chocolate around. I’ve been rationing my chocolate souvenirs that I brought back from my trip for months! I’ll have to go back to Belgium again soon to stock up.

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