50+ Best Budapest Instagram Captions

Looking for the best Budapest Instagram captions to go along with your gallery of trip photos?

Then look no further! This post has over 50 of the best Budapest Instagram captions that will fit perfectly with your post-trip feed update.

Budapest is a beautiful city with plenty of great Instagram spots with stunning views across the city. You’re guaranteed to leave the Hungarian capital with plenty of photos that you’ll want to share with friends and family.

It can often be quite hard to come up with an Instagram caption that matches how you felt about your trip to the city but hopefully you’ll find something on this list that will be suitable for your post and up your Instagram engagement.

So without further ado, let’s get started on the 50+ Best Budapest Instagram Captions.

50+ Best Budapest Instagram Captions

I’ve compiled a great list of Budapest Instagram captions that you could use for your post at the end of your trip.

Whether you’re looking for a funny (and slightly cringe!) caption or would prefer to express your love for the city, you’ll find a fabulous selection of Instagram captions for your Budapest posts below.

My city Instagram captions posts do very well and my Amsterdam and Iceland articles have been very helpful to many travellers who can’t think what to caption their post-trip feed update.

Girl faces away from the camera and takes a photo of the Hungarian Parliament building with a Canon camera.

Pun(ny) Budapest Instagram Captions

Who doesn’t love a silly Instagram caption? Making your followers have a little chuckle is a great way to boost engagement. While some people might think a pun as an Instagram caption is cringy, I love them!

  1. BudaBEST views
  2. Anyone else Hungary? (Use for food pics!)
  3. Had the pest time in Budapest
  4. Buda-ful Budapest
  5. Look at these Buda-ful views!
  6. Oh my goulash!
  7. You da best Budapest!
  8. Hungry in Hungary!
  9. Szia next time!
  10. Chim chiminey, chim chiminey, chim chimney cake!

Short Budapest Instagram Captions

Want to keep it short and sweet? Check out these great Instagram captions that are only a few words long.

  1. Greetings from Budapest!
  2. A postcard from Budapest
  3. Meanwhile in Budapest
  4. Szia from Budapest!
  5. Falling in love with Budapest
  6. From Budapest, with love
  7. New happy place
  8. Take me back to Budapest
  9. Szeretlek Magyarorszรกg (I love Hungary)
  10. The best views
  11. I’d go back in a heartbeat
  12. New favourite city: Budapest
  13. Brb moving to Budapest!

Great Budapest Captions

  1. Relaxing in the baths of Budapest
  2. I’m never coming home
  3. Budapest, I’ll be back!
  4. Hungary is my new favourite country!
  5. A glimpse at my Budapest adventures
  6. A collection of photos of me having fun in Budapest
  7. Here for the views and the goulash
  8. My belly is full of chimney cake and goulash
  9. Budapest has stolen my heart
  10. Eastern Europe’s hidden gem
  11. Cruising down the Danube
  12. Baths, Castles and Goulash
  13. Another city ticked off the bucket list!
  14. Keep calm and eat some goulash
  15. The first of many Budapest visits
  16. I can’t wait to go back to Budapest
  17. This city is so beautiful
  18. The prettiest city at night
  19. Have you ever seen a more pretty Parliament?

Engagement Boosting Budapest Instagram Captions

  1. Have you ever been to Budapest?
  2. Do you prefer cities or the countryside?
  3. Would you ever try the thermal baths in Budapest?
  4. Any restaurant suggestions in Budapest?
  5. Where would you go if you had an unlimited amount of money?
  6. Do you like goulash?
  7. Have you ever cruised down the Danube River?
  8. Budapest or Vienna?
  9. Is Budapest on your bucket list?
  10. Do you want to visit Budapest? Why?

Things To Do in Budapest

Still in Budapest and need something to fill your itinerary? Why not try out my favourite activity in the city and take a fabulous boat cruise down the Danube – I’d recommend it even more at night time as looking at the city all lit up with orange lighting is just beautiful.

A view of Hungarian Parliament in Budapest lit up at night time, taken from the Danube River on a boat.

This is the tour that I did while in Budapest and I couldn’t recommend it enough – look at the views!

Conclusion: Best Budapest Instagram Captions

I hope you enjoyed this post on the best captions that you could use for your Budapest Instagram posts – if you use any of them then please do tag me so I can see your amazing Iceland pictures!

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