2 Spaghi Budapest: Restaurant Review

Looking to visit 2 Spaghi in Budapest but want to read an honest review before you dine?

Then look no further!

I visited 2 Spaghi in January 2024 and have written this article to give you the complete rundown of what it is like to eat at the quaint restaurant.

Read on to find out more…

What type of restaurant is 2 Spaghi?

2 Spaghi is a quaint, family-run restaurant in Budapest that serves pasta dishes, using fresh, homemade pasta and sauces.

The restaurant is run by three native Italians who’s mission is to sell great pasta dishes, quickly and efficiently and give guests a taste sensation!

You can buy pasta to take home with you if you wish, it’s not just a restaurant – and I highly recommend that you do!

Where is 2 Spaghi?

2 Spaghi is located in a busy passage called Gozsdu Udvar.

I couldn’t help but think it would profit so much better in a different location as it is surrounded by tourist-enticing bars and restaurants that are very overpriced.

It’s very easy to find but I fear a lot of travellers – particularly budget travellers – would skip over it since everything surrounding it is so expensive.

What can you eat at 2 Spaghi?

2 Spaghi serve one main dish – pasta!

But that dish can be customised in so many ways. Every day there are different pasta shapes and sauce combinations to try, with many suiting vegan diets.

Their chosen ravioli dish each day is always a popular choice but I urge you to have a good look through the blackboard to see what’s on offer!

The menu in 2 Spaghi. Menu items written on a blackboard. Staff are willing to offer suggestions too.

Most dishes cost around £10 (€12) – a very affordable price considering the portions are very big.

Should you have any room left you can opt for a traditional Italian dessert. The tiramisu that was displayed while were there looked incredible!

If you love your pasta so much that you can’t bear to leave it behind then you can buy fresh pasta from 2 Spaghi to take home and cook – just boil for a few minutes in some salted water.

2 Spaghi Budapest: Honest Review

We stumbled across 2 Spaghi on Google Maps when we were in the mood to eat pasta. Being a filling dish, we thought that it would be a great evening meal to have before having our evening river cruise along the Danube.

The online reviews looked great, we liked the vibe of the photos and decided to go for it… and I’m so glad we did!

While I love trying authentic dishes in each country I visit, I found that the goulash just didn’t hit the spot in the restaurant I visited. I had a craving for pasta and it needed to be filled!

2 Spaghi’s menu is very accommodating to different dietary requirements and having an egg allergy, it’s almost impossible to find fresh pasta that doesn’t contain it.

Often I resort to being vegan on trips to avoid accidentally eating eggs as no matter how much I try to convey the message, servers often look unsure and never fill me with much confidence.

However, the staff at 2 Spaghi were amazing at meeting my needs and they explained that they had plenty of vegan options if I’d rather stick to that diet.

Based on the menu, I opted for ‘Durum Wheat Fusili with the Tomato and Basil Sauce’ and it was DELICIOUS!

Two heaped bowls of pasta with tomato sauce in 2 Spaghi restaurant.

The pasta tasted very fresh and the sauce was full of flavour. I could have eaten a mountain of the stuff.

The restaurant itself is quite small, there isn’t an endless amount of seating but I prefer that to a crowded establishment.

We sat upstairs on a balcony which had a very romantic atmosphere and only had one other group. I loved the decor in the restaurant with wooden furniture, exposed brick walls and warm lighting.

You order your food at the counter and pay before taking a seat which I love. I hate sitting around waiting for waiters to decide when they should bring the bill, if you pay first then you’re free to leave as soon as you’re ready.

The staff at the counter were so kind and we felt very welcome. There was a great ‘family’ feel to the place. The serving staff that brought our meals and checked up on us were also very lovely.

With the pasta made fresh and laid out in front of you, you’re a bit spoilt for choice and there are endless options of pasta types, sauces and meats to mix.

We found the price for our meals extremely reasonable too. Our two massive bowls of pasta came to around £9.50 each!

While you may be able to find much cheaper options in the city, you’ll certainly never find pasta as delicious!

2 Spaghi Budapest: FAQs

Are there vegan options at 2 Spaghi?

Yes, there are vegan options at 2 Spaghi! Fresh pasta without egg is very hard to find but 2 Spaghi is very accommodating in their vegan dish options.

Are there gluten-free options at 2 Spaghi?

Yes. The research I’ve done shows that 2 Spaghi does offer gluten-free pasta options and takes measures to keep celiacs safe seriously. If you have any concerns, contact the restaurant before you visit.

Is 2 Spaghi Budapest expensive?

2 Spaghi serves very reasonably priced dishes, especially considering their portion size is so generous. Dishes cost around £10 each.

2 Spaghi Budapest: Conclusion

2 Spaghi – Fresh Pasta Bar is a great little restaurant located in a busy tourist area of Budapest.

It serves some incredible-tasting dishes and has a great vibe.

If you’re ever in Budapest and have a craving for Pasta you should definitely visit the authentic 2 Spaghi!

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